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Election 2012...and after: News Sources

A look at the 2012 Presidential election cycle - then and now

Election 2012+

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Post-election the polls continue...

Leading Republican primary candidate by states - the final version Oct. 2012

Leading Republican 2012 primary candidate by state map

Special Features

While all news sites post breaking news, some with special sections dedicated to the 2012 U.S. election are now shifting focus to the 2016 Presidential election cycle. Check the following web sites for the latest campaign and election news, issues, information, and opinion:

News sites with dedicated special features

Political ads!!

'Tis the season for political ads.  Have you seen any recently on TV or the Internet?  If you have noticed them, have you ever asked yourself who is this group?  What is their agenda?  Are they telling the truth?  If possible try to do your own fact-checking before you let yourself be influenced by what your hear.

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