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New Students - Welcome to the Library!: Welcome to the Library!!!

Welcome to the Lorette Wilmot Library at Nazareth College. If you have any questions, please ask - we're here to help.

24-Hour "Fishbowl"

Home of Millie's Cafe

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How Can We Help You Today?

Come on in! 

This is a picture of the library's late night study lounge/atrium/"fishbowl".  It's open 24 hours for late night studying.  Millie's Cafe is also here.  Hours vary, but it's a great place for snacks when they are open!

There are lots of reasons to come to the library building - books, naturally - but DVDs, too, and CDs, and music scores, and . . .

The IT help desk is downstairs.  There are classrooms in the library.  The tutoring area is downstairs - you can get drop-in help with homework.

Studies show that people who use the library  GET BETTER GRADES!!!!!

The staff are here to help you succeed - just ask!!!!

BUT WAIT, THERE'S MORE . . . Library services are not limited to what's in this building.  Many services are available electronically, from wherever you are.

We have thousands of books on the shelves, and thousands more online.  We have journals downstairs, but thousands more online.

If you don't see what you need here, you can fill out an interlibrary loan form online, and we'll request it from other libraries worldwide.  If it's an article you need, chances are, it will arrive in your e-mail within 48 hours!

We can help you online, too - have a question?  Ask a Librarian, or request research online, too!

See you soon and often!!!!

- Thanks to Jody Barker, Head of Circulation and Building Services, for these "talking points"